SCENIC DESIGN FOR Arctic Circle (and a recipe for swedish pancakes)


          For this Brechtian comedy, I felt that it was important not to superimpose specific locations, or a literal interpretation of the scenes onto the stage.  The image of a blank stage and rehearsal blocks resonated with myself and the director, and when we were approached with the idea of incorporating projections into the design, the idea of a fragmented, pixelated theme came into view.  The show itself is fragmented into a non-linear structure of events in a woman’s life, and the geometric quality of the set reflects that, all the while representing over 30 locations. 

          The rear wall was used as a projection surface, and the goal was to create a modular, sculptural space, which created a canvas for light and projections to play off of, while also remaining visually compelling in natural light.  The elevated sections in the deck created seating and tables, as abstracted furniture for each scene, then transforming back into floor with a change of light. The rear wall was composed of cardboard to save cost and remain lightweight, and the grey color palette faded from blue-black upstage, to a barely-blue white at the top of the back wall, to create a pixelated gradient, giving the space a cold, austere quality.


Helms Theater

Presented by UVa Drama, Spring 2016
Directed by Doug Grissom Technical Direction by Steven WarnerLighting Design by Steven Spera       Costume Design by Kailin Sikes Projection Design by Mona Kasra