Scenic Design for MUSEUm

              Museum is a comedic play that explores the various stereotypes and charicatures of patrons of modern art.  The set, as well as the artwork, needed to feel integrated into the space, as if the Caplin Theatre truly was part of a modern art exibit, so I drew inspiration from its unique shape and the curves of the building.  The color palette was inspired by the sterility of many modern art museums, which strive to become a clean, unassuming surface for the art that is brought in.  The artwork itself posed another challenge, as the script gives a list of details for the various collections, but does not go into specifics, piece to piece.    It was important to create individual pieces of artwork that were on the verge of seeming ridiculous, yet could still pose the question β€œis that artwork?”   Is a completely blank canvas, or a piece of rat skull glued to a conch shell and antler really art?  It depends on who you are, and how you look at it.

Caplin Theater
Presented by UVa Drama, Spring 2014
Directed by Doug Grissom    Technical Direction by Jason Randolph    Lighting Design by Jonathan Hunter    Costume Design by Kristina McClosky    Production Photos by Michael Bailey